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Our Staff

Dr. RyanTrent Ryan DC, DACNB, FACFN

Dr. Ryan is a Board Certified Functional Neurologist and Doctor of Chiropractic who is positive and enthusiastic about returning his patients to good health. After under-graduate studies, he attended New York Chiropractic College prior to completing a residency at the Cheektowaga Health Center. He then went on to a unique post-doctorate three year neurology residency with Cleveland Chiropractic College and the Carrick Institute.   Dr. Ryan has always worked in multi-disciplinary practices consisting of both chiropractic and medical staff. He has been with the Concord Medical team since 2001. At Concord Medical, Dr. Ryan provides individual consultations, oversees neurological rehabilitation, and offers advanced chiropractic services. He is recognized for communicating complex neurological and chiropractic information to the general public in a creative and inspired way. He has presented at lectures and workshops for groups, corporations, and health agencies. In addition, Dr. Ryan speaks at hospitals and clinics about the dramatic effects of neurophysiological diagnosis and application.  “I consider myself an excellent listener and I hope I get the opportunity meet you in person to discuss your specific health challenge.

Dr. MikhalDr. Emil Mikhail, MD, PhD

Medical Education

Dr. Mikhail is an experienced practitioner in practice since 1976. He attended a specialized eight year medical program at the prestigious Ain-Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. After graduation, completion of his internship, and residencies he became a teacher at the medical school. At this time he began his practice of medicine.

In 1992 the doctor decided to immigrate to the United States. Upon his entry into the United States he attended Interfaith in New York City where he completed his U.S. required internship and residency. As a result of his fascination with the development and physiology of the human from birth to maturation, Dr. Mikhail focused his studies on pediatrics and endocrinology with particular attention to the treatment of diabetes and thyroid problems. Upon completion of these programs he was awarded a fellowship at Cornell Medical School where he continued his studies in endocrinology and also received a certificate in pain management.

Dr. Mikhail now serves as the Medical Director at Concord Medical, caring for patients with injuries, pain and general medical problems. Exceptional knowledge of medicine coupled with his understanding of natural health care is valued by both Concord Medical  and his patients. We are fortunate to have a physician with such a broad range of treatment skills as part of our clinical services.

Dr. Rick1Richard P. Jaskewich PA-C | Board Certified Physician Assistant

“I am a top performing professional with 20 years of experience in various medical fields. I am well rounded medical professional that is enthused to be part of this multi-discipline practice. I have seen such dramatic improvements in patients when multiple professions work together, such as our great staff here at Concord Medical. We really can help with all these pain and neuropathy problems with lasting results.”

Richard P. Jaskewich PA-C, is a physician assistant at Concord Medical, Spine and Pain Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Richard earned a BA in Biology at the University of Delaware, as well as a BS degree at Alderson Broaddus College, where he completed physician assistant training. Richard is certified by the NCCPA. He was a Member of Hu C Meyers Banquet Committee, National AAPA, and The American Red Cross. He also served as President of the Delaware Academy of Physician Assistants, Secretary of the Delaware Academy of Physician Assistants, and Delegate DAPA at the National Convention in Denver Co.

Richard Jaskewich provides various treatment procedures such as facet, joint, nerve blocks, and trigger point injections. He is also responsible for medical history, physical evaluations, consultations on weight management, training, and aerobic fitness techniques for Concord Medical Spine and Pain Center.

Dr. WhitlockWellington S. Whitlock III, DC | Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

“The perceived and obvious divide between the medical/allopathic approach to health care in the U.S.   and the alternative and holistic health care approaches both here and abroad has been under attack and closing for several decades. The unique approach to maximizing each patient’s Functional Ability to perform daily, routine and advanced tasks is the core of the practice here at Concord Medical Spine and Pain Center and assists in closing that divide. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of this practice and it’s integrative and successful history.”

Dr. Whitlock has 18 years of experience in the field of Chiropractic both in multi-disciplinary and private practice settings. Working with MD’s and DO’s including neurologists, othopedists and pain management specialists has allowed Dr. Whitlock to experience both sides of what the patient has access to. His experience at Temple University with Exercise Science/Physiology further enhances his ability to provide guidance and treatment to improve the goal of ‘Functional’ success in the real life of each patient. He welcomes the opportunity to work with this multi-specialty team to provide the unique and integrative health care to maximize each patient’s functional success. The entire staff from front desk to management  assisting with the patient’s insurance questions all work together to enhance the patient’s experience and comfort  at Concord Medical Spine and Pain Center.